The News Spy Review

Beware! TheNewsSpy is an offshore broker! Your investment may be at risk.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Open trading accounts with at least two brokers.

The News Spy is a new scammer that has blown a lot of money for the trailer on its website. Watching the video – the “presentation of the company” so to speak – we learn that it is brand new piece of software, combined with a panel of expert analysts, dedicated to ensuring their customers are up-to-date and well informed on the latest fluctuations of the financial world. It claims that the software scans hundreds of news-sources online while fetching data and forming patterns. Afterwards, the “expert” panelists translate this into trends, understandable for even the newbie traders. The short video goes on about how important it is to be “one step ahead” and how, surely, after registering with News Spy you will undoubtedly be like “the big boys on TV”. To make the offer even more intriguing – we learn from the video that News Spy offers only a “limited” number of licenses so that potential clients must hurry. But must they really?

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Are you thinking about getting involved with The News Spy?

Please don’t.

Because as I’m about to reveal in this genuine News Spy review.

The whole thing is just a rehash of the classic binary options and crypto scams.

What is The News Spy?

The News Spy is marketed as a piece of ‘high-tech’ trading software.

That’s supposedly able to scan ‘hundreds of relevant news sources 24/7’ to give you an edge over the markets and allow you to make ‘£1,500 daily’.

But that’s not how The News Spy works at all.

The true purpose of The News Spy’s website is to trick you into depositing £250 (or more) with an unregulated broker.

And for reasons that I’ll reveal in just a moment.

There’s an exceptionally high probability that you’ll NEVER see that money again.

Who’s Behind The News Spy?

Although this scam has its variations.

It’s likely that the people behind The News Spy website are affiliated with the scam broker.

Which means that The News Spy will make money when they refer a new ‘victim’ to the broker.

And they may also take a percentage cut of the money lost by the ‘trader’ to the broker.

The broker will make money simply by enticing you to deposit more and more cash.

And then do everything they can to prevent you from withdrawing it.

Can You Make Money With The News Spy?

Absolutely not.

I’ve seen this type of scam more times than I can remember.

And I’ve never heard of a single person making any money.

Is there any Real Advantage of Using this App?

When we compare the app with the other Bitcoin trading apps, we found out the following facts:

  • Excellent customer support:The News Spy app has good customer support. Their contact details are clearly given on the official website. Few prank apps do not provide such details. They wipe away the funds of the investors. However, this app does not seem to be so.
  • Suitability of app:The app is simple. It is suitable for any type of investor. A beginner can get the same comfort level as that of an expert.
  • Strong Algorithm:The News Spy app is based on a strong algorithm. Hence the chance of profitability is more.
  • News Analysis:The app works on information-based trading. It has strong connections with news sources. The Bitcoin market is highly volatile. Trading in this market without any logic will surely burn the wallet. To trade based on news-guided input seems to be safer than trading blindly. Users of the app always stay one step ahead of other investors. This makes a huge difference as far as Bitcoins are concerned. It can earn significant profits, even more than what others earn. It can protect from losses. You can withdraw money even before the loss-making event happens.
  • Mobile support:The app also offers a desktop as well as mobile support. Bitcoin trading needs speedy action. Hence staying in touch with the market is mandatory. The mobile app is certainly an advantage on those terms.


Everything you need to know about the news spy software

  • There is no limitation as to the amount of profit you can make on this trading platform using the news spy software. Some of our members are even making as much as $1500 daily, so the ski is the limit.
  • There are free licenses for every new member and each member is entitled to a license per registration. However, since we have a limited amount of The News Spy licenses available, we want all prospective members to register quickly.
  • The news spy is not in any way related to affiliate marketing; the News Spy Software is just an exclusive tool and service that brings the market closer to the people who need it. It also provides insight into cryptocurrency trading.
  • You don’t have to spend the whole day sitting in front of your computer. Since this tool does all the work for you, you only need like 15 minutes in front of your computer to set things right and make strategic trades. The use of the News Spy Software gives you more money and more time to enjoy your life.
  • An exclusive News Spy software license is free for every registered member on the platform for a limited time. In addition to this, there is no extra fees, commissions or any other hidden charges.

Is the News Spy Software Legit or a Scam?

The News Spy Software is never a scam and it is secure and trustworthy. The question of scan and legit is what most global investors ask and the short answer is that it is legit. Since all integrate brokers are genuine, they provide security to user’s funds and they make sure that deposit and withdrawal of funds are done with no stress. In addition to this, all personal information is heavily encrypted and secured identity theft. These brokers have their reputation they are protecting in the industry.

Conclusion – The News Spy Software is Legit

The News Spy Software is not a scam and it provides a better and innovative way for members to make money online. You have nothing to lose when you join this highly lucrative industry. You will make a lot of money with this reliable and genuine software working for you. In addition, this software does not require professionalism before usage as it can be used by both novice and professionals. You need to try this software out to make money.